Productive having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance. Many people find it difficult to be productive when there are many tasks to be done. However, there are many ways to increase someone’s productivity level, which are:

1. “(10+2)*5” Hack 

This hack created by a writer called Merlin Mann. She made this hack for procrastinators, the easily distracted, compulsive web or social media surfers, and people having trouble with their tasks. This hack means 10 minutes work + 2 minutes break multiplied by 5. “10 minutes of work + 2 minutes of break multiplied by 5” Focus on you 10 minutes of work without distraction, then have a break for only 2 minutes before start focusing again. Do this 5 times to have a good, quality 1-hour worth of productive time.

2. Focus on One Task at a Time

Based on psychologist research, Susan Weinschenck, multi-tasking can reduce productivity up to 40%. Your brain can focus on only one cognitive task. When you are trying to do multiple tasks at once, your brain switches from the one task to the other. So you are not multitasking at all. You are just switching tasks and it will take more time to finish the tasks. If you want to keep your productivity level high, do one thing at a time.

3. Do Your Most Important Task First

Sometimes, we feel more anxious when we have not accomplished what was important for us. So, identify at the start of each day or the day before, important things that you want to accomplish on that day. Then, prioritize that task with doing it first. And you will feel more relaxed and will not feel the anxious drive to do more and more and more. So you can be more productive on that day.

4. Create an Inspirational Board or Reminder

Write some reminders or motivating quotes on your wall, desk, or at something you are directly staring at when doing your work. When you stare at it for at least 10 seconds, it will help to cheer you up when you feel demotivation.

5. Change your Environment

Different environments have different impact on our productivity. When your cozy room will just lure you into napping, then go out. You can go to coffee shop, or places that you feel comfortable to do your work.

6. Get a Buddy

Having a companion makes your work process much more fun. Ideally, your buddy should be someone who has his/her own set of goals. Both of you will hold each other accountable to your goals and plans. You can ask someone that talks to you  regularly or someone that you feel comfort to talk and work with. Both of you can encourage each other when you get bored. Sometimes, having someone to talk while doing things can also reduce stress. So, you can accomplish your work faster but still more fun.