In increasing our productivity level, time management is one of the most important. A lot of tasks that must be done, makes us difficult in managing time, so that even more time is wasted. 


Therefore, there are some tips and tricks that can be done to have excellent time management, which are:

1. Sort Tasks by Priority Scale

Set tasks that are measurable and achievable. Prioritize your tasks by importance and urgency. You can use Eisenhower’s matrix to make it easier.

Image source: todoist.com

2. Manage Your Schedule

To avoid stacking the work at one time, make a schedule of activities and tasks that must be done. To make it easy, you can just download an app such as Google Calendar, aCalendar, Any.do, and many more to track everything you do. With the use of schedules, you can organize and adjust activities or tasks especially the important but not urgent tasks.


3. Set Time Limit to Complete a Task

Setting the time for each task will avoid procrastinating and make you more focused and efficient. You can use the timer as a reminder when time runs out. After you finish working on one task, don't forget to rest and refresh yourself before working on another. So, you will focus on the next task.

4. Remove Non-essential Activities

With Eisenhower’s matrix, you will get the list of your not important and not urgent tasks or you can call it non-essential tasks. Reducing non-essential tasks is important in managing time. You will have more time to work on other tasks or rest.

5. Plan Ahead

To shorten the time of each day, planning activities or tasks that must be done will be useful. there are two options of time to plan activities to be carried out for one day, which are:

  1. The night before: Spend at least 10-15 minutes to plan an make a list of important tasks and activities for tomorrow.

  2. First thing in the morning: Before starting the day, note the most important things to do on that day, so that you can set the time to complete tasks and rest on that day.

There are many advantages obtained by doing time management such as reducing stress because you can focus more on each task. Most importantly, your goals will be more defined and realistic to achieve. By not doing so, you will have a bad wrokflow so there will be a lot of time wasted. The work will not be efficient and optimal. It also can increase the stress level due to the work that accumulates at one time. So, start getting used to doing time management.