Paper & Poster Competition

"Creating Breakthrough and Innovations to Achieve Sustainable Development of the Ocean"



  • Renewable Ocean Energy

  • Ocean Industry, Technology, and Infrastructure

  • Maritime Transportation and Logistics

  • Sustainable Coastal Areas and Communities

  • Ocean Pollution

  • Fisheries, Marine Life and Aquaculture


Participant Rules

  1. Participants must be an Undergraduate Student, from public or private universities or colleges registered as active students until February 28th, 2021.

  2. One team consists of a maximum of 3 (three) participants from the same university or colleges. Participants are allowed to have different majors on the team.

  3. Each university or college is allowed to send more than one team to participate.

  4. Each participant may only register for one team.

  5. Each team must appoint one person as a leader to be the contact person between the Indonesia Ocean Expo committee and the team


Contact Person:

Muhammad Irfan Akbar (+62 822 3626 1884)